Hiding Behind the Green Screen

Hiding Behind the Green Screen is a documentary of the journey of four young men and their mentors is a moving expose of the impact New Zealand’s unspoken addiction to substances. The documentary won the Best Short Documentary and Best Emerging Filmmaker for Paora Joseph at the Documentary Edge International Film Festival 2011.

My involvement with the project was the brand, opening billboard, motion graphics chapter and the credits.

New Plymouth District Council

This audio visual project was presented by the New Plymouth District Council at the International Awards for Liveable Communities held in Dongguan, China, 6–10 November 2008. To which the city won 3 major awards (Whole City Gold award, Criteria award for Community Sustainability, Gold award for community project (natural) – the Coastal Walkway.

Exodus: Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom

Involved with the the digital compositing of the film  –  doing rotoscoping and matte painting and compositing (wire removals, sky replacement,  retouching and digital effects) The was released December 25,2005. Won several awards for Visual Effects – 2006 Golden Screen Awards Best Visual Effects and 2005 Metro Manila Film Festival Best Visual Effects.