Of Things that Move :)

Once upon a time before becoming a mom, I was spending long hours in post-production companies doing post-production things…

I’ve done broadcast design,tv commercials, feature films and documentaries. The dynamics of making art move fascinates me. I love motion graphics. I love videos. I want to get back on it again. I still want to learn a lot and to add more to this reel. 🙂

Antarctica: A Year On Ice

Literally the coolest project I’ve ever been involved with. It’s a documentary about how it’s like to live in Antarctica for a year. I was in awe when I first saw the rough cut, the imagery was like those you see in Discovery Channel. Breathtaking landscapes, amazing time-lapse footages and an awesome story. Just phenomenal!  The film is part of 2013 New Zealand International Film Festival. Written and Directed by Antony Powell. Though my role in this documentary may not that be big, I am just so honored to be part of such a wonderful film!

ANTARCTICA GraphicsI was responsible for the Opening billboard and the graphics.

The film has garnered several recognition internationally.
Audience choice award best adventure reel. Breckenridge Film Festival
Best Documentary. Calgary International Film Festival.
Documentary: Best first feature film. Calgary International Film Festival.

How cool is that!

Pun intended 🙂


Tatarakihi – The Children of Parihaka

This is a documentary that tells the journey undertaken by children who retrace the steps of their Parihaka ancestors. Had worked on the motion graphics, credits and archival animation. I have worked closely with the film writer/director Paora Joseph and it’s executive producer Gaylene Preston.  The film has been a part of the NZ film Festival and has recently been accepted to Cinema des Antipodes a film festival at Saint Tropez in France. And won its first Special Award at the Balinale International Film Festival in Bali, Indonesia.

tatarakihitatarakihi-paperThe local paper published an article regarding the Parihaka premiere. And look who got mentioned 😉

Exodus: Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom

Involved with the the digital compositing of the film  –  doing rotoscoping and matte painting and compositing (wire removals, sky replacement,  retouching and digital effects) The was released December 25,2005. Won several awards for Visual Effects – 2006 Golden Screen Awards Best Visual Effects and 2005 Metro Manila Film Festival Best Visual Effects.