Of Things that Move :)

Once upon a time before becoming a mom, I was spending long hours in post-production companies doing post-production things…

I’ve done broadcast design,tv commercials, feature films and documentaries. The dynamics of making art move fascinates me. I love motion graphics. I love videos. I want to get back on it again. I still want to learn a lot and to add more to this reel. 🙂

Sounds Aotearoa

Initially this project was named IMEX -Indigenous New Zealand Music Expo. But eventually the client decided to change it to Sounds Aotearoa.

This project included a powerpoint and a video presentation to secure funding for the said event.

The Neophyte Instructional Designer

Being off the workforce for a couple of years, I have decided to up skill and try something new. I have been putting it off for a couple of years but decided to pursue an E-learning course. I believe that visual design go hand in hand and is an important part of Instructional Design. So in mid-2014, I decided to pursue Designing and Facilitating E-learning at the Open Polytechnic. With my design background and with finishing my ID course, I feel I can contribute to making beautiful e-learning course. Exciting times ahead! elearning-lady-uploadThe E-learning lady I made for one of our assignments on Facilitating

Peru Cafe

I was commissioned to do a corporate brand for Peru Café  a coffee company that imports and brews organic and fairly traded Peruvian coffee.

Below are several studies of the logo.